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What Our Patients Say

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Conway Chiropractic Center patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

Yours Sincerely,
Dr. Lee Kelley

Relief From Back Pain

After many expensive test and treatments costing upwards of $20,000, my lower back pain, which had haunted me for years, was still a part of my everyday life. I was told that surgery was, my only option. One day, my barber recommended that I try chiropractic, at Dr. Kelley’s office. He indicated that it worked for him, and after all that I had been through, it would certainly be worth a try. Ironically, that very day, I was surprised find myself turning around in Dr. Kelley’s driveway. I decided this must be an omen and that I should at least go in and inquire about an appointment. I entered his office, explained to the receptionist my situation and asked to schedule a consultation. She asked me to wait a minute and vanished, she soon returned and informed me that not only would he be glad to see me, he would see me right then. After a consultation with Dr. Kelley, I realized that I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. I soon started treatment and my back pain has been a thing of the past. That was twenty years ago and I have been pain free ever since and best of all, no back surgery. Occasionally I have a flare-up, but they are fare and few between and in a few treatments I’m back on my feet. ~ L. Hyman, Conway, SC

Vertigo Vanished Completely

My world was spinning! I had to hold onto the wall, counter tops or any stationary piece of furniture to navigate my small apartment. In public and larger areas were much more challenging and embarrassing. I went to my general physician, who diagnosed me with vertigo and referred me to an ear, eyes, nose and throat specialist, also known as an EENT. I was prescribed anti-histamines, which only made me drowsy and did nothing for my vertigo. After months of suffering, I decided to see Dr. Kelley. After all he had helped me in the past with neck pain and headaches, and I just knew that he could help me with my vertigo. I started treatment, diligently kept my appointments and after a few weeks my vertigo vanished completely. I still see Dr. Kelley every now and then for a preventative check up, as I do not want the vertigo to return. I don’t mind going in public anymore and I can walk through my apartment with my arms full of groceries and not hold onto the wall, counter tops or furniture. ~ D. Smith, Socastee, SC

Chronic Limp

Approximately four years ago I was forced to wear a soft cast on my foot due to a fracture. It took six months to heal and left me with a chronic limp and significant lower back pain. As luck would have it I re-fractured the same foot two years later. This time, surgery was required in addition to the soft cast and my limp and lower back pain increased. Over the next two years, I tried medications and physical therapy with no relief. It was almost unbearable to sit and play the organ in church. The pain was so bad, that often after church I would quickly limp to my car and leave, instead of visiting with friends and family. My family doctor ordered another round of physical therapy for three months at three times a week. I dreaded the thought of this, so I decided to try chiropractic. After my first visit to Dr. Kelley’s office, I was pain free and my limp was gone. I no longer have to take any pain medication and I actually feel like a human being again. ~ Janice L. Jordan, Conway, SC

“I know it works!”

Dr. Kelley has been my chiropractor for approximately five years. During this time he has corrected several back and leg problems I have experienced. Before my first visit, I had little faith in chiropractic medicine. (My wife kept telling me I was wrong). Since my first visit with Dr. Kelley my opinion of chiropractic medicine has changed 180%. I now know it works.

His Practice has all the equipment and personnel to diagnose your problem and correct it in a few short visits. Dr. Kelley has always found time to treat me when a problem suddenly occurs This means returning to normal activities much sooner without further damage occurring.

On one occasion, visits to my family doctor and a neurologist failed to correct a back and leg pain condition. I consulted with Dr. Kelley and he assured me he could help. Help he did, he corrected the problem.

If Dr. Kelley finds a condition during his initial evaluation which should be referred to another doctor, he will do so without hesitation.

Thank you Dr. Kelley, Conway Chiropractic Center and Staff, for your excellent treatment, kindness and caring services. ~Terry O. Boyd, Conway, SC

“Gentle Manipulation”

After weeks of taking pill after pill and not getting any relief, my orthopedic doctor said there was nothing he could do to cure my lower back pain. “We need to call the anesthesiologist for hormone injections.” Once he said the word “injections” I knew this was not the place I needed to be. I told him “Thanks but no thanks, I’ll just live with the pain.” I left his office discouraged, and this ultimately became the same day as my very first chiropractic visit.

When I went to the chiropractor’s office, I was a little nervous. The only thing I knew about chiropractors was that they cracked backs, but now I know this process is referred to as “gentle manipulation.” After my first occurrence with gentle manipulation and not medication, I felt instant relief. Thanks to Dr. Kelley and his staff I can now sit, stand and lay comfortably without having to readjust myself every five minutes. Thanks to my orthopedic doctor, I now always look and ask for the natural way of healing. ~ Danielle Fromal, Myrtle Beach, SC

Thanksgiving Day, 1981

A day I didn’t know how thankful I would be when I woke up. I was involved in a head-on collision, and my head went through the windshield at 55 miles per hour. Whiplash was unknown in those days, and I was patched and sent home to resume day to day activities which for the next fifteen years were not really a problem. This brings me to the current year, 2001. Having many problems doing day to day activities at an age of less than 40 years old became a concern. Getting out of bed in the morning was a struggle. I had been to chiropractors in the past many times for one adjustment, and I would feel better and stop going. Lately my neck was starting to bother me, so I went to a chiropractor who explained to me that I needed regular visits. I went consistently; however, I would feel worse and saw no improvement. Someone told me about Dr. Lee Kelley at the Conway Chiropractic Center in Conway, South Carolina, and I started going to him.

I started having pain in my head, and my wife became concerned and made an appointment with a neurologist. The neurologist took x-rays and put me on Viox. I never took them because I wanted to fix what was wrong with me and not cover something up. My wife then made an appointment with an orthopedic doctor who took more x-rays and ordered an MRI. He informed me that I had a herniated disc in my cervical spine, and he put me on more Viox. Then I went to a physician who practiced internal medicine, and he told me that my neurologist was one of the best. “If he says you are ok and put you on Viox that is what you need to do,” and he gave me some more samples of Viox. That day I left his office frustrated. Three professional doctors and they all said my pain will be fixed if I take Viox.

I went back to Dr. Kelley, my chiropractor, and he never said a negative thing to me. In fact, he was very supportive. Dr. Kelley thought it was a good idea for me to get a second opinion, and he thought the MRI was a great idea. Dr. Kelley kept working on me, adjusting me as if he could feel the hurt I had, like he knew where it was, and better yet how to fix it.

I strongly suggest if you are going to a chiropractor and he or she is not helping you like you think they should, then go to another one. Chiropractors are all different, and their ways of adjusting are different. Now I can sit on a church pew without any pain and enjoy the service. I can play golf, mow my yard, and do all the things that we all take for granted everyday. I want to say to Dr. Lee Kelley, “Thank you for your patience, your understanding, taking time to listen, and correcting the problem. You have given me my life back to live, and you know me, I’ll live it.” Find that right doctor, stay with the plan, and be sure to thank him like I’m doing right now. Thank you sir Thank you…
~ Adam, Myrtle Beach, SC

My First Encounter with the “C” Word

I recall that I was hired to renovate one of those cottages on Lake Michigan that seem to have never ending windows. I was painting window #19 when suddenly I felt a weird tingling sensation running down my right arm, while holding a paintbrush in an upraised position.

My brain cells immediately went into overdrive, conjuring up all sorts of disgusting diseases, most of which I couldn’t even pronounce, let alone spell! I was new to the area, thus unfamiliar with any doctors. However, I quickly let my fingers to the walking and on my way to the physician section a cool breeze reversed the pages, stopping at “chiropractors”. Amazingly, I suddenly felt absolutely confident that a chiropractor was exactly what I needed! Call it gut instinct or whatever you like. I learned a long time ago not to ignore it!

I had just turned 49 and still pushed my body as if I were “Wonder Woman”. I prided myself on running circles around 20 year olds, and even occasionally beating members of the male species. Like many humans, I didn’t seriously consider the consequences of my lifestyle.

Within the time required to take and interpret two x-rays, I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis, calcium deposits and spinal misalignment’s. The first visit also included my first treatment. I recall my Michigan chiropractor being very easy to understand and very realistic about my treatment. “Don’t look for a miracle cure here, Missy! We can’t expect years of abuse to immediately respond to treatment.” He told me. For the next few months while finishing my work in Michigan, I faithfully sought chiropractic treatment as I did after being transferred to Kentucky and then onto South Carolina.

I highly commend all three of my chiropractors for their sense of compassion and professionalism. Each has done so much to improve my spine. Without a doubt, I would now be in extreme distress and very likely keeping company with a wheelchair without their intervention.

I offer a small bit of wisdom in conclusion. Become informed. Chiropractic is not black magic! The techniques used encourage the body’s natural healing powers without the often devastating side effects of various pharmaceutical drugs. Pain is not something you should learn to live with. Pain is a red flag which should not be ignored. Take that first step. Make an appointment to speak with a chiropractor and read the available leaflets in the waiting room. Make a list of all of your questions and don’t hesitate to ask them. Take a step closer to a pain free life and give Dr. Kelley a call today! ~ Doyle Smith, Galivants Ferry, SC

Sleeping Better

Going to the doctor has never been a pleasant experience for me; however, my perceptions have been altered lately. In the past few weeks I have been treated in your office by chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy.

Your staff has been friendly, professional and made me feel quiet at ease. The smiles, helpful suggestions, and non-evasive therapy made my back feel better and the whole “chore” of keeping appointments has been very pleasant. I am sleeping better and my husband does not find me as irritable as he had become accustomed to.

Please keep up the good work and tell the girls how much I enjoy seeing them. I also find the “new” technology additions to the office, the massage rooms, and the newsletter impressive. Feeling Better! ~ Ginger Lewis Jacobs, Conway, SC

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